Farm Radio Resource Pack #97 is now available for download!

    | December 2, 2013

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    The Pack is entitled: Growing groundnuts. While most of the items talk about farming practices for groundnuts, we also feature a four-part drama that touches on processing and marketing.

    The items focus on growing groundnuts in Malawi, but the information will be useful – with appropriate local adaptation – for all groundnut-growing areas in Africa. There is other useful information available in pack #97, from music and mangoes to goats!

    We have sent a hard copy of the Pack via mail to many of  FRI’s partner radio stations, but anyone is welcome to read the scripts online, and to use or adapt them for their local audience.

    You can find the resource here:

    You are also welcome to download the latest issue of FRI’s Voices newsletter, which accompanies the Resource Pack, though this link: