Farm Radio partners take part in media workshop on ‘farmers and the food crisis’ (IPS)

    | December 14, 2009

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    In November, we asked FRW subscribers and Farm Radio International partners to respond to the following question: “Has your radio station produced programs about climate change? If yes, please describe one. If no, please explain why not.” Here is a selection of their responses. (Responses have been edited slightly for publication.)

    Additional responses will be published in the next issue of FRW, and the upcoming edition of Voices, Farm Radio’s partner newsletter. If you would like to share your radio organization’s experience with climate change programming in the next issue of FRW, please e-mail your response to the question above to, by December 17.

    “I am the national presenter for the Réseau des radios rurales locales et communautaires du Cameroun (Network of local and community rural radios of Cameroon – ReR-Cameroun). As such, we have sent climate change programs to all of our member radio stations, and others have done the same. These programs basically dealt with farmer perception of the issue – the signs of change which they are aware of, and also what they are doing to mitigate the negative effects of these changes on their agropastoral activities.”
    – Nestor Ngoun Nzie, National Presenter, ReR-Cameroun

    “Our radio station has not produced any shows or programs on climate change. I can’t say why, because there is a production department at the station. However, I remember that our radio station has covered workshops and events on climate change. These are the elements of our national news that we broadcast to inform our rural listenership of everything being done regarding climate change. In total, our radio station—and more specifically the editorial service—has covered six information and awareness activities on climate change.”
    -Adama G. Zongo, Burkina Rural Radio, Burkina Faso

    “Our organization is a non-governmental organization, Women Information Network (WINET) Nigeria. We have not produced any programs on climate change because we do not have a radio station. However, we have spoken to our project community members on climate change and its effects on farming. We also let them share the climate changes they are witnessing as farmers.”
    -Miriam Menkiti, Executive Director, Women Information Network (WINET) Nigeria