Farm Radio partner shares dream of ‘economically vibrant and healthy rural communities’

    | July 13, 2009

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    Farm Radio International thanks the Transkei Land Service Organisation from Eastern Cape, South Africa, for sending the following greetings on the occasion of Farm Radio’s 30th anniversary – and for sharing our vision for farming families and rural communities:

    The Board, management, staff and the rural communities serviced by the Transkei Land Service Organisation (TRALSO) salute Farm Radio International [FRI](formerly Developing Countries [Farm] Radio Network (DCFRN)) on your 30th anniversary. As you celebrate your 30th anniversary, we share your commitment and passion to improving the lives of the [resource poor] rural communities around the world through your continued information dissemination. TRALSO applauds the contributions FRI has made to help strengthen the experience and knowledge base of community broadcasters, community development facilitators and agricultural extension workers.

    Having been an active member of FRI for the last ten (10) years, it is with great pleasure that we extend our warmest congratulations on the occasion of your 30th Anniversary. Farm Radio International (FRI) boasts a long and proud history of equipping radio, broadcasters, community field practitioners and development workers throughout the world with not only knowledge but also information necessary to contribute positively to addressing the socio-economic ills affecting farming families around the world. With the information we have received from FRI scripts, we have managed to reach more than 6,000 rural farming households with useful information and tips on food production, climate change, nutrition and health as well as for sustaining their livelihoods in general.

    We are confident that this tradition you have endeavoured for the past three decades will continue for years to come and we would like to wish you more success. As you honour the past and build the future, let us continue to make one of the basic fundamental human rights – the right to education through information – a reality. TRALSO believes that, together, we can make the dream of building economically vibrant and healthy rural communities a reality. We send you our heartfelt congratulations for the first 30 years and great success for the next coming years.

    TRALSO encourages you to continue your mission to inform development practitioners and community radio broadcasters so that they will be well informed and aware of current issues affecting [resource poor] farming families. Through your work and support, TRALSO field staff are better equipped and informed to service the rural poor more effectively and efficiently.

    From the Board, Management, Staff and the communities serviced by TRANSKEI LAND SERVICE ORGANISATION (Eastern Cape, South Africa).