Farm Radio International welcomes new broadcast partners

    | August 3, 2009

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    The following radio organizations have recently become Farm Radio International broadcast partners. We welcome them to the Farm Radio family and look forward to working together to serve small-scale farmers, their families, and communities.

    -ABC FM – a private radio station based in Barnersville, Liberia
    -Association Radio Flambeau – a community radio station based in Yaounde, Cameroon
    -Direction nationale des radios rurales du Togo – a government body responsible for coordinating and promoting programming of rural radio stations in Togo
    -Kyela FM Radio – a community radio station based in Kyela, Tanzania
    -Radio ATM (Alliance Terre Mer) – a community radio station based in Abidjan, Ivory Coast
    -Radio Builsa – a community radio station based in Sandema, Ghana
    -Radio FM Alaketu – a community radio station based in Ketou, Benin
    -Radio Kondafe FM – a community radio station based in Popenguine, Senegal
    -Radio Maendeleo – a community radio station based in Kisumu, Kenya
    -RRACOM-RCA – a community radio network based in Bangui, Central African Republic
    -Uganda Media Women’s Association/Mama FM – an NGO with a radio project based in Kampala, Uganda
    -URCAB (the Benin Association of Community Radios) – based in Parakou, Benin
    What’s the difference between a FRW subscriber and a Farm Radio International broadcast partner?

    – An FRW subscriber is someone who has signed up online. Our objective is to serve African radio broadcasters, but we welcome all those who are interested in our content. . It’s quick and easy to subscribe online at:

    -A Farm Radio International broadcast partner is an African radio organization that wishes to work more closely with our organization to create radio programs with and for small-scale farmers. Partners receive new script packages via e-mail or by post, whichever is more appropriate for the partner. In exchange for receiving free scripts, Farm Radio requests that a partner choose the scripts that are relevant to farmers in its area, adapts them, translates them into local languages (if necessary), and shares them with listeners or collaborators whenever possible; provides feedback on how the material has been used; and shares local information that we can include in future scripts and other services.

    For more information on how to become a Farm Radio International partner, contact Development and Communications Coordinator Blythe McKay at: