Broadcaster Joel Eyoti on the VOICES Standards

| October 25, 2023

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On Sept. 12, Farm Radio International hosted a webinar on our VOICES Standards for enhancing interactive radio programs and our lexicon of radio production terms. A few broadcasters have also shared the ways in which the VOICES Standards help them to create an agricultural radio program that is beneficial, engaging, and motivating for farmers.

Joel Eyoti works at Radio Pacis, a community-based radio station in Arua, Uganda. He became acquainted with the VOICES Standards in 2022, when he had face-to-face training on how he could improve his farmer radio program. He also completed a self-guided module, for which he received a badge.  Mr. Eyoti has earned a certificate for completing five learning modules.

Mr. Eyoti says: “I just loved radio because I felt there was a need to change the community where I come from, especially the most unprivileged person who cannot access information at the right time. I felt that radio is very easy for all categories of people to share their views and be heard.”

Mr. Eyoti says that the VOICES Standards have helped him to better value small-scale farmers, both men and women. With a better understanding of small-scale farmers, he respects their efforts to produce food for markets and their families. The VOICES Standards have enabled Mr. Eyoti’s program to reflect farmers’ actual situation. 

He says: “I really love hosting and interviewing guests both on the radio and in the field because it makes me develop better skills in interviewing and presenting programs … which always encourages the less privileged to express themselves effectively for better feedback.” The VOICES standards have also helped him understand why it’s important to present the program in the simplest language and terms that farmers often  use. 

The training program also helped him learn about interviewing skills, such as asking open-ended questions to encourage farmers to provide informative responses. By using the VOICES Standards, Mr. Eyoti has helped farmers to speak and be heard on his program. Both women and men can discuss issues that directly affect them with clarity and confidence. And Mr. Eyoti now has a better idea of how to provide farmers with the information they need.

He says: “I can produce and create a consistent and convenient program every Friday evening. I specifically chose a time where most farmers are resting and have time to tune in. We have presenters who promote the farm program throughout the week.”

Learn more about the VOICES Standards and how you can apply them to your radio program: