Amani FM empowers women, inspires change in the heart of Congo

| January 4, 2024

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The radio station Amani FM, based in the South Kivu region of the Democratic Republic of Congo, grew out of a region marked by decades of conflicts, political instability, deforestation, and the impact of climate change. FERAPAD, a local women’s association, founded a radio station to promote coexistence, peace education, awareness of non-violent methods, as well as women’s rights and sustainable development.

The radio offers programming focused on women’s rights, including three shows: “Mimi ni mama” focuses on community awareness and education about the role of women as bearers of social values and educators of children; “Mila na desturi za kwetu” reflects on past values and current challenges, and aims to prevent negative influences and establish a culture of tolerance and dignity for women; “Mama mkulima” is dedicated to female farmers, promoting ecological agriculture, green rural entrepreneurship, and cooperation among women for financial empowerment.

The broadcasters working on these programs are Mrs. Gérardine Ingabire, Mr. Mangilo Kashindi Kilolo, and Mr. Stanislas Woanga Kamengele.

Amani FM plays a crucial role in the fight against gender-based violence by addressing sensitive topics, despite challenges related to traditions and local pressures. The process of planning topics involves setting objectives, understanding the audience, and collaborating with experts to ensure the accuracy and relevance of content.

The station actively engages with the community and survivors of gender-based violence by promoting participatory shows, giving the audience a voice, and considering audience suggestions during program reviews. Key messages to male listeners include recognizing the crucial role of women as mothers, educators, and full-fledged human beings.

In the future, Amani FM aims to establish permanent community frameworks for listening, mentoring, and supporting survivors of gender-based violence, as well as methods for raising awareness and providing services to those in need.