A Voice for Family Farmers radio campaign

| August 2, 2020

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Farm Radio International, as a partner in the YenKasa Africa initiative, has launched a new radio campaign to celebrate the Decade of Family Farmers and is inviting radio stations and organization across Africa to join – and become a Voice for Family Farmers.

Did you know that this is the Decade of Family Farmers? The UN declared 2019 to 2028 the Decade of Family Farming. Most of your listeners are probably family farmers. Tell your farmer-listeners that this decade is for them. This is the time for them to speak up, express their opinions, and share their experiences—on your radio program, because you are the Voice for Family Farmers.

As part of this campaign, we are sharing all of the resources you will need to participate. This includes radio spots that you can easily broadcast in each week’s farmer program or as promos during other radio programs. We have also produced a backgrounder with information on the UN Decade of Family Farming, as well as scripts and stories that address many related topics. Find all of the resources here: http://scripts.farmradio.fm/radio-resource-packs/undff-radio-campaign/voice-family-farmers-campaign-materials/

In future packs, we will share more related resources, including profiles of regional farmers’ organizations and contact lists so that you can arrange interviews.

As the Voice for Family Farmers, you should invite farmers from your area to speak during your radio program, through interviews, vox pops, and call-in programs. Family farmers are more important now than ever. They are essential for food security, nutrition, environmental protection, and a vibrant economy. During the current coronavirus pandemic, strong food systems are vital. While family farmers are essential for feeding communities, many face challenges accessing markets, urban consumers, or the inputs they need. Many farmers also face challenges accessing the information they need on the new coronavirus.

We hope you choose to be the Voice for Family Farmers, and promote yourself as such. Talk about this with your colleagues and station manager to decide how you can best join this campaign by:

  • broadcasting the radio spots and other resources we share;
  • airing the voices of farmers and their issues;
  • putting farmer priorities at the core of your programming; and
  • promoting yourself as the voice of family farmers.

We would like this campaign to be broadcast on hundreds of radio stations between now and World Food Day, Oct. 16. Let us know you have joined the campaign by clicking the button below. We will be in touch with more information.

If you have joined the campaign, tell us! Everyone who joins the campaign will receive a participation certificate. Register to let us know you have joined the campaign. Tell us more about your station and how you participated. Submit a recording of the radio spots you aired or your programs / segments about the UN Decade of Family Farmers. Everyone who submits recordings will be entered into a draw to win prizes, including one of five prizes of $100 CA in mobile credit.

Have questions about the campaign? Ask us on WhatsApp or send an email to radio@farmradio.org