West African women facing COVID-19

| November 9, 2020

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ROPPA, the West African regional producers’ organization, has published a report on how women working in the agricultural sector have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the report, they present seven key facts and seven solutions. These seven realities were developed in consultation with women’s colleges in 13 West African countries. They include:

1. Women face disruption to their economic activities.

2. Women and girls face limited access to social services.

3. Women and girls face an increase in vulnerability and gender-based violence.

4. Women and girls face a food crisis.

5. Women face limited representation and participation in decision-making spaces.

6. Women and girls face a lack of access to information.

7. Women and girls face the burden of social norms.

This report was produced by ROPPA and six West African organizations: APESS, RBM, WILDAF, WANEP, REPSFECO, and ROALJEF-Mali, with the support of Oxfam and CARE.

Find the report here: http://roppa-afrique.org/IMG/pdf/study_eng_bd.pdf