Welcome to Farm Radio Resource Pack 110!

| February 3, 2019

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This Pack features 12 items—scripts, backgrounders, and a Broadcaster how-to guide on a range of farming and health and training topics that respond to the needs of farm broadcasters and rural residents in many parts of Africa.

Item #1 and #2 are backgrounders on how to reduce post-harvest losses in, respectively, maize and tomatoes. They offer a wide variety of ways to minimize losses and ensure that what farmers grow is what they harvest.

Item #3 is a backgrounder on how to produce malt barley, a crop highly valued by the malting (brewing) industry.

Item #4 is a backgrounder all about seeds. Among other things, it looks at the differences between hybrid, genetically engineered, improved, open pollinated, and farmers’ seeds, and dispels some myths and misconceptions about seeds.

Item #5 investigates the benefits of identifying and monitoring Fall armyworm in your field—a step that’s vital to farmers’ capacity to manage the pest.

Pack 110 contains three items on stroke, one of the leading causes of death and disability in the world. Item #6 considers the sometimes devastating financial impact of caring for a family member with stroke. Item #7 explores the kinds of physical rehabilitation that stroke survivors must embark on after a stroke. And item #8 is a backgrounder on all the important aspects of stroke, including caring for a stroke survivor at home.

Item #9 is a two-host conversation that debates the benefits, challenges, and barriers to adopting reduced or minimum tillage, a central practice in conservation agriculture.

Item #10 is a backgrounder all about dairy production, a potentially lucrative enterprise for farmers.

Item #11 is a Broadcaster how-to guide on tape talks, a radio format that all broadcasters should have in their toolkit.

Finally, item #12 explores the topic of infertility, for women and for men. The script presents interviews with a gynecologist, embryologist, and a woman who, with her husband, experienced the difficulties of infertility.