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Violence against women in elections

One of our Farmers stories this week is about women’s struggle for leadership in government. Gender inequality is a barrier that prevents many women from achieving positions of power in government, or from participating in decision-making processes in any arena. 

This resource by UN Women explains a specific risk to women in politics: Violence against women in elections. The resource discusses:

The resource also provides a variety of real-life examples of violence against women in elections, as well as actions to prevent and eliminate violence against women in elections. 

To access the resource, go to: https://www.unwomen.org/sites/default/files/Headquarters/Attachments/Sections/Library/Publications/2017/Preventing-VAW-in-elections-en.PDF [1]

You can find a summary at: https://www.unwomen.org/sit [2]e [2]s/default/files/Headquarters/Attachments/Sections/Library/Publications/2017/Preventing-VAW-in-elections-Summary-en.pdf [2]