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Understanding gender-based violence

Gender-based violence is violence committed against a person based on their gender. It forces another person to do something against their will through violence, coercion, threats, deception, cultural expectations, or economic means. This type of violence can take many forms, including, but not limited to, domestic violence, psychological or emotional violence, and sexual violence. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is widespread and far too often under-reported. It is therefore important to inform survivors of possible resources.

Here are three documents that can help you better understand what gender violence is and what measures can be taken to prevent it.

  1. What is gender-based violence – and how do we prevent it? | International Rescue Committee (IRC) [1]
  2. Gender Based Violence in Africa during the COVID-19 pandemic | Policy paper | UN Women – Africa [2]
  3. Three ways to end gender-based violence | United Nations Development Programme (undp.org) [3]