Two resources on women’s health and nutrition

| July 22, 2019

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Women’s health on the World Health Organization (WHO) website

On WHO’s Women’s Health site for Africa, you can find links to the latest developments in women’s health issues in Africa, an overview of women’s health in Africa, and a fact sheet, with sections on the health issues facing women of different ages: infancy and childhood, adolescence, reproductive age and adulthood, and older women.

Decade of Nutrition

The UN declared 2015-2025 the Decade of Nutrition, and during this decade it is encouraging governments to establish nutrition guidelines and survey their populations. The World Health Organization is promoting global targets, particularly around five issues related to maternal and newborn health: stunting, anaemia, low birth weight, childhood overweight, and breastfeeding.

WHO has also developed a document called 5 keys to a healthy diet, which discusses breastfeeding, diversity of diet, the importance of fruits and vegetables, and the importance of moderating consumption of fat, oil, salt, and sugar.