Tips for fact-checking

| July 18, 2016

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Broadcasters and journalists deal with expert voices in many aspects of their work, from interviewing experts, to using data from public institutions or government reports. While the voice of an expert adds authority, that does not mean their statements should pass unchecked.

Africa Check has produced tips and advice for fact-checking claims made by public figures and institutions.

Their checklist includes:

– asking to see the evidence

– verifying the evidence by looking at other sources

– studying how the evidence was gathered

– determining if you can trust the source

It can be difficult to spot fake evidence and false data, but the checklist includes some common indicators that can help you to determine the reliability of a statement. You can also ask the wider community for verification, by polling your audience to give you a sense of whether the claims being made are realistic.

Read Africa Check’s tips and advice here: