Three ways to use ICTs to interact with your listeners

| December 11, 2017

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This week’s Farmer stories illustrate how some farmers are using text messages, mobile applications, and other communications technologies to find information and advice about farming practices.

Radio broadcasters can also use cell phones to build relationships with listeners and provide ways for farmers to contribute their questions and expertise on the radio.

This week’s Resource is a Broadcaster how-to guide from Farm Radio International about using information and communications technologies (ICTs) to interact with radio listeners. The guide explores how and why to use these three methods:

  • inviting farmers to use “beeps” (missed calls) to communicate with the radio station without incurring mobile charges
  • using a women-only call-in line to boost participation by women listeners
  • building a listener database with a free Android application called Telerivet

To read or download the complete guide, How to use Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to interact with your listeners: Three methods, please see: