The Twenty Ten Project: Africa Media on the Road to 2010

    | July 12, 2010

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    This year marks the first time that the FIFA World Cup has taken place in Africa. The event is the inspiration for the Twenty Ten Project. The project not only showcases the skills of African soccer players, but also provides new opportunities for African journalists.

    The project aims to give African journalists a voice. It is an opportunity for them to express their own views of African reality, rather than outsiders reporting their views of Africa. The Twenty Ten Project is designed to strengthen journalists’ skills in areas such as audio and radio publications, multimedia, photojournalism, text, and video.

    Many of the stories developed by the project focus on football. Yet the audio productions also touch on a range of other topics, including waste recycling and migration (see for example

    The Twenty Ten Project has produced radio stories from all over Africa. Broadcasters are welcome to make use of these stories as part of a trade exchange. For example, broadcasters who use the stories might provide one minute of air time to promote the project. Alternatively, stations could broadcast an interview with project representatives. For more information, visit:

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