The Global Land Grab: A Primer

    | November 5, 2012

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    “Land grabbing” re-emerged in the context of the spike in global food prices in 2007-2008. The term refers to international players acquiring vast areas of land in developing nations. Yet land grabbing presents a complex picture and takes many forms.

    The Transnational Institute has produced an on-line downloadable primer on the subject. It addresses questions as basic as what is land grabbing and how it occurs, discusses the history of land grabs and attempts to identify what is new about it, and considers who or what are the main drivers of the current wave of land grabbing.

    The document discusses how the relationship between land and water affects land grabs and asks what systemic changes are needed to end the practice, as well as describing resistance to land grabbing.

    Visit to download the primer and read more, or download the complete primer here: