Talk shows and soap operas for peace

    | January 21, 2008

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    Radio for Peacebuilding, Africa, has produced practical guides on how to use popular radio show formats to promote peace and conflict resolution. “Radio Talkshows for Peacebuilding: A Guide” explains that talk shows can intensify conflict and promote fear among listeners – but they can also be agents of peace. The guide includes practical information on hosting talk shows, strengths and weaknesses of different formats, and tips to ensure that shows are sensitive to conflict issues. Another guide, “How to produce a radio soap opera for conflict prevention/resolution” includes information for the project manager, trainer, and scriptwriters. It talks about how a soap with intriguing characters and plot twists can subtly change the way its listeners think so that they are less likely to engage in violence and more likely to reason. All of Radio for Peacebuilding, Africa’s guides can be found online, here: