Strengthening farmers’ groups

| March 10, 2019

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When it comes to small-scale farmers, there is strength in numbers. Farmers’ groups are an effective way for communities to improve their income, share ideas, pool resources to lower the cost of acquiring inputs, and improve their product while managing market risks. This week, we bring you two resources from FAO about the benefits of farmer organizations and community-based commodity organizations.

The first resource focuses on establishing and strengthening farmer organizations and provides information, including historical context, the role of extension services, steps to establish a group and how to strengthen existing ones, and finally, policy issues related to establishing and strengthening groups.

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The second resource is about strengthening community-based commodity organizations. It details how small-scale farmers can work with private businesses along the agricultural value chains, including importers and exporters, processors, traders, buyers, banks, financial institutions, and agribusinesses. The benefits of linking with businesses include access to extension services, agricultural inputs (seeds, fertilizer, agrochemicals, etc.), transport free-of-charge or on credit, a reliable income, and much more.

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