Rising price of food: a few links to help you research

    | May 5, 2008

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    We know that there are many, many news stories that deal with the rising price of staple foods and we know that it can be daunting to look for information. Below, we’ve compiled a few links to resources that we think might help. If you have more resources to suggest, please share them with the FRW community by posting a comment in the Radio Resource Bank section of the FRW website.

    Here are a few news reports (some online stories and audio-visual reports) with different perspectives about rising food prices:
    -BBC: “Africa Needs Green Revolution”
    -VOA: “UN Task Force Seeks Solutions to Global Food Crisis”;
    also http://www.voanews.com/mediaassets/english/2008_04/Audio/Mp3/LCR%20Schlein%20Global%20Food%20Crisis%202346971%20043008%20tw.Mp3 -The Wall Street Journal: “Grain Companies’ Profits Soar As Global Food Crisis Mounts”
    -UNESCO: “Can genetically modified organisms feed the world?”
    -Ivory Coast’s struggle with rising food prices:

    Updated news dossiers on the state of the world’s food crisis:
    -RFI: Dossier Crise Alimentaire (in French only)
    -Afrik.com: Dossier La Vie Chère (in French only)
    -Reuters: Agflation

    Backgrounders, policy papers, and press communiqués from international organizations:
    -Food First: “Pouring Fire on the Food”
    -Via Campesina: “An Answer to the Global Food Crisis: Peasants and small farmers can feed the world!”