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Resources on maternal health

The World Health Organization’s website has a wealth of resources on maternal health issues, including the following:

This is the main WHO website on maternal health, and it contains factsheets and other data on maternal health, information about WHO’s programs on maternal health, publications, news stories, Q&As, infographics, and more. http://www.who.int/maternal-health/en/ [1]

On the Africa Regional WHO website for maternal health, you can find a factsheet and general information on maternal health, an overview and more specific information on maternal health in Africa, and feature stories on maternal health issues in Africa. https://www.afro.who.int/health-topics/maternal-health

10 facts on maternal health
http://www.who.int/features/factfiles/maternal_health/maternal_health_facts/en/ [2]

Malaria in pregnant woman
http://www.who.int/malaria/areas/high_risk_groups/pregnancy/en/ [3]