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Resource kit on women in micro-enterprises – now available in French

Farm Radio partner PROTEGE QV, in partnership with the Commonwealth Connects Program, has developed a resource kit to assist radio organizations in preparing programs about women in micro-enterprises. The Multi Media Resource Kit includes detailed information on how to start and operate a micro-enterprise, as well as tips on how to use radio programming to reinforce the capacities of women in micro-enterprises. A range of topics related to starting and managing a small business are covered, including: choosing what kind of business to start and identifying necessary resources, book keeping and stock control, and pricing and marketing.

Suggested uses for the resources include:
-Reading text on the air “as is”
-Translating the text into a local language

-Using information to augment existing programs
-Using information to draft questions for an interview or round table discussion with one or more local resource persons.

You can find the resource kit online at:
http://www.radiommrk.org/presentation_an.html [1]. For information on how to obtain the resource kit in book or CD format, contact PROTEGE QV at: mail@protegeqv.org [2] .