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Climate Radio coverage of COP 22

Farmers in many countries are struggling to adapt to climate changes, as they experience drought and unpredictable weather patterns. Climate change will receive international attention at the UN climate change conference, known as COP 22, in Marrakech, Morocco, Nov. 7-18. COP 22 is an opportunity for governments to review their progress on mitigating, adapting to, and otherwise dealing with climate change. International NGOs and farmer groups will also be at the conference, sharing their experience with the impacts of climate change.

Climate Radio is covering the event. Climate Radio is a temporary, multilingual press agency established to share coverage of the UN Conference on Climate Change with community broadcasters.

You can check out their stories and resources here: http://climateradio.net/ [1]

Resources are already available in English, French, and Arabic about climate change, as well as an audio story from Uganda about how farmers are adapting to climate change. Broadcasters can share the content with attribution.