Radio talkshows for peacebuilding: A guide

    | August 4, 2014

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    Everyone would like to live in a peaceful society, one not driven by hatred and violence. But the question is: how to get there?

    Radio Talkshows for Peacebuilding: A guide contains tools and examples for creating talk shows in ways that contribute to peace. The guide was produced by the Radio for Peacebuilding Africa project, a program of the NGOSearch for Common Ground. It is one in a series developed for radio producers and others involved in making positive radio in Africa – radio which makes a difference.

    The guide includes how-to tips and advice on analyzing conflict; tools and examples of how radio professionals can help build a peaceful society; and descriptions and definitions of the different types of talk shows and their respective strengths and weaknesses.

    The guidebook was written for radio broadcasters who produce or present radio talk shows in countries or regions experiencing conflict. It focuses mainly on conflicts between groups, peoples or countries which are either violent or at risk of becoming violent. The guide is written with Africa in mind, and most of the examples are drawn from African countries.

    You can download this free guide as a PDF file from this address: