Radio documentaries available on migrants living in South Africa

    | May 30, 2011

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    CMFD (Community Media for Development) Productions has produced a new five-part radio documentary chronicling the lives, challenges, dreams, and positive contributions of migrants living in South Africa. In “Breaking Borders,” five migrants tell their stories − where they came from, what life is like for them in their new home, and what their goals are for the future.

    The project brought together South African community radio journalists and both internal and external migrants to produce the documentaries. The stories offer insights into what it is like to leave home − from Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Congo, Burundi − and journey far away to Johannesburg, a place full of both challenges and opportunities.

    The documentaries are being distributed free of charge to radio stations.

    To request more information or a copy of the CD, contact:  Deborah Walter, Community Media for Development (CMFD) Productions, PO Box 66193, Broadway 2020, Johannesburg, South Africa; Email: deb[at]

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