Plantwise Knowledge Bank

| December 12, 2016

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Two of our Farmer stories this week discuss beans, which are an important staple crop that is now earning farmers a good income in the marketplace in Uganda and Kenya. But bean farmers face many challenges—including pests and diseases.

The Plantwise Knowledge Bank is a resource to help combat plant health problems. You can read country- or region-specific information on plant health through this online database. The website features a diagnostic tool which can help you determine what the problem is, and factsheets which provide tips on prevention and treatment.

To view factsheets on common pests and diseases of beans, go to:

You can filter your searches by language and country to find the information which is most useful to your audience.


For more information on anthracnose in beans, go to this factsheet:

For more information on beanfly on common beans, which is also known as bean stem maggot, go to:

For more information on soya bean scale on broad beans and pigeon peas, go to:

And for information on the striped bean weevil, go to:

To view the full database, go to: