Online journalism course: Reporting on Sexual Violence

    | March 4, 2013

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    In recognition of International Women’s Day, this week’s resource focuses on an issue that one in five women will experience in their lifetime. Yet this issue remains one of the most underreported crimes: sexual violence.

    The Poynter News University is offering a free online course designed to teach members of the media how to report on sexual violence in their communities.

    The course discusses the language surrounding sexual violence and aims to dispel harmful myths and stereotypes reinforced by bad reporting. It also offers guidelines for interviewing survivors of sexual violence in a professional and compassionate manner, and challenges course participants to consider how common stereotypes about “who” perpetrates sexual violence interfere with attempts to prevent and understand this crime.

    The course is self-directed, so you can start and stop at any time and progress at your own pace.

    For more information about the course or to enroll, visit:

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