News University offers online training for journalists, editors, and managers

    | August 31, 2009

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    News University offers online courses for journalists, editors, and newsroom managers interested in honing their craft and learning new techniques. More than 85 courses are available, including Telling Stories with Sound; Reporting Global Issues Locally, and Twitter for Journalists. Technical guides for many common software programs are also included.

    Internews, an international media NGO, is now offering a special incentive for media professionals who register for News University. New registrants will be entered in one of four draws for a Flip Video Ultra 60-minute camcorder. To be entered in the draw, go to the News University website and register for a course. Be sure to choose “Internews” as the answer to “How did you hear about NewsU”? Upcoming draw deadlines are: September 15, 2009; December 15, 2009; and March 15, 2010.

    -To register for News University, go to: .
    -To browse News University’s courses, visit: .