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New self-guided module on gender available now

To make your program gender-responsive, you need to ensure your program is respectful of both the women and the men in your audience. Farm Radio International’s new self-guided learning module aims to help broadcasters plan gender-responsive radio programs for farmers.

The self-guided gender module includes key terms and definitions, and gives helpful tips on how to reach and involve both women and men farmers in a radio program.

The module also provides advice on how to meet with women to understand their needs and interests, and how to partner with local organizations that focus on gender equality. The module also helps broadcasters examine gender equality at their own radio station, and provides a checklist to make sure that programs are respectful of both women and men.

The self-guided module is offered for free on an ongoing basis to all Farm Radio broadcasting partners. The module is available in English and French. The time required to complete the module is about 30 minutes.

To access the module, go to: https://farmradiotraining.org/login [1] and use the following login information.

Your login: your email address

Your password: Farmradio8!