Media Helping Media offers free, online training modules

    | November 9, 2009

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    Media Helping Media (MHM) is an organization established to provide training resources and a voice for the media in transition states, post-conflict countries, and areas where freedom of expression and media freedom are under threat. The MHM website provides training modules designed to support journalists in these situations:

    Training themes include basic, advanced, and investigative journalism skills, editorial ethics, and media management. Some modules will be of special interest to radio journalists, such as “Editing tips for TV and radio packaging” and “Creating a station sound.” Other modules look at emerging media opportunities, including “10 Twitter tips for traditional media” and “Managing a news website: the basics.”

    As a condition of using these training modules, MHM requests that users inform them of any typos. Also, please credit Media Helping Media (or the author if the module written by a guest) if you refer to the training modules online.