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Marketing your community radio station

Obtaining advertising or sponsorship can be critical to the long-term sustainability of a community radio station. When seeking this type of financial support, it is important for an organization to understand its best “selling points.” The following is a list of community radio selling points adapted from the Community Radio Collective Marketing Strategy. This guide was produced by the Radio Knowledge Center/Community Radio Support Center and was first published in Nepali in 2006. You may link to the full guide by clicking here [1].

1. Local element
Community radio stations have the capacity to broadcast information to a targeted local audience. This is a capability that national television, newspapers, and national radio do not have, and something that is useful to advertisers and sponsors.

2. Cost-effectiveness
Advertising on a community radio station is inexpensive in comparison with other media. Therefore, advertisers and sponsors can get their message to a targeted group in a cost- effective way.

3. Portability
Listeners can tune into the radio while travelling or working. As a result, advertisers and sponsors can count on radio to reach people in places that television and newspapers cannot.

4. No lead time
Community radio stations can air the news as it breaks, even interrupting a regularly-scheduled program if the news is urgent. For this reason, listeners may rely on radio to a greater degree than other media.

5. Greater exposure
Researchers have found that listeners are more attentive while tuned in to community radio compared to commercial radio stations. This increases the possibility of an advertiser or sponsor’s message reaching targeted listeners.