Journalist Security Guide

    | May 7, 2012

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    Every year, journalists are attacked, imprisoned, threatened or placed under surveillance. The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has recently released a Journalist Security Guide aimed at helping journalists evaluate and prevent risks.

    This guide helps local and international journalists at all levels of experience learn how to take concrete steps to ensure their physical and online security. While some sections of the guide may be written with a Western audience in mind, many sections of the guide are relevant to African journalists.

    Chapters such as Basic Preparedness, Information Security, Armed Conflict and Sustained Risks are pertinent for all journalists.

    For example, in the Basic Preparedness section, the Guide explains that a “number of countries have effective professional organizations that can provide guidance about laws concerning the press, along with practical advice on certain assignments. If you encounter trouble, some national organizations are also able to intervene on your behalf or publicize your case. You should also be aware that international groups such as CPJ and Reporters Without Borders can generate global attention and advocacy in case of harassment or threats.”

    The guide is available in French, English, Arabic and Spanish. You can download it here: