Introducing Farm Radio Resource Pack #104

| September 26, 2016

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Farm Radio International (FRI) is pleased to announce the publication of our latest Resource Pack . Our broadcasting partners have received copies of the Resource Pack by email, and we will be distributing a memory stick to all partners in October—including not only Pack #104, but all of our scripts from the last 10 years!

As always, everyone is welcome to access the FRI website and read or download any or all items in the Pack.

Three of the Pack’s 18 items are broadcaster how-to docs, including F.A.I.R. Journalism Standards for farmer programs, How to be an effective producer of a farmer radio program, and How to conduct an effective panel discussion.

The Pack contains fifteen items on farming and health topics, including two Backgrounders: on growing maize, and on growing the Ethiopian staple crop, teff.

Other topics covered in the Pack include:

  • Capturing and raising insects for chicken or fish feed;
  • Dealing with chicken diseases;
  • Sorghum production and nutritional benefits;
  • Preventing HIV and AIDS in people with disabilities; and
  • The benefits of good donkey care.

You can view or download the Pack at this address: