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International Youth Day: Safe spaces for youth

International Youth Day is marked on Aug. 12, and this year’s theme is “Safe spaces for youth.” This year’s goal is to promote youth engagement and empowerment by exploring how safe spaces contribute to freedom of expression, mutual respect, and constructive dialogue.

Safe spaces can be in the civic or public sphere, or even online and on the radio! Safe spaces are platforms where youth can come together, freely express themselves, and participate in decision-making.

In this resource, learn more about why youth need safe spaces, and get ideas for where youth might be engaging in your community. https://www.un.org/development/desa/youth/wp-content/uploads/sites/21/2018/07/PPT-min.pdf [1]

Check out the UN Programme on Youth on Twitter for more good reads and ideas for International Youth Day: https://twitter.com/UN4Youth [2]

And in our Spotlight, read about radio programs in Malawi and Tanzania that are creating safe spaces for youth to talk about the issues that affect them, particularly around mental health. https://wire.farmradio.fm/en/spotlights/2018/08/spotlight-on-youth-mental-health-radio-program-17559 [3]