International Free Expression Exchange (IFEX): Sign up for e-mail news about free expression

    | May 19, 2014

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    The IFEX network of organizations is linked by a shared commitment to defend and promote freedom  of expression as a fundamental human right. IFEX advocates for everyone’s right to free expression,  including media workers, citizen journalists, activists, artists, and scholars.

    IFEX offers a free email information service in English, French, Spanish and Arabic. You can sign up to  receive news about free expression from IFEX’s member organizations around the world.

    Choose the online publication(s) that suit(s) your needs and you’ll get the latest on digital rights,  censorship, access to information, freedom of association, criminal defamation laws, and attacks on journalists, writers, human rights defenders and Internet users – all from a free expression angle.

    For more information, go to the IFEX website:

    To sign up for the English language version of the email service, go to: