IMARK: Information Management Resource Kit

    | May 31, 2010

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    The Information Management Resource Kit (IMARK, see: is an e-learning initiative that trains individuals and institutions worldwide to manage agricultural information. Supported by FAO and other partners, the IMARK initiative has produced seven e-learning modules which are available online and on CD-ROM. Some are available in French and Spanish as well as English. All are free of charge.

    To support this distance learning opportunity, the IMARK website provides an entry point to various learning communities. These are groups of people connected by email who exchange ideas, share documents and request help from each other.

    “Networking in Support of Development”

    This particular module is targeted at people working with information and communication technology (ICT) networks in support of agricultural information exchange and communication. It describes how different ICTs work together within a country to provide a practical means of communication. It looks at traditional and new media, and considers how ICTs could change information delivery over the next three to five years. Relevant resources and additional reading are suggested.

    This module is available online and on CD-ROM free of charge at:

    All modules were developed with the latest methods in e-learning, and use an interactive environment for self-paced learning.