How to use vox pops in your farm radio program

| June 6, 2016

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A vox pop is a collection of short interviews with members of the public, interviews that reveal their knowledge and opinion on a specific topic. The purpose of a vox pop is to show your listeners that there is a range of opinion in their community on a particular topic.

In a farm radio context, a vox pop is a radio format that is usually used with other formats (for example, expert interview, accountability interview, panel discussion, research report) in a program that deals with a specific topic.

A vox pop can help broadcasters serve their listeners better because:

  • listeners will want to learn more about the topic.
  • listeners will hear a range of opinion on the topic.
  • listeners will respect the broadcasters for interviewing people like them.
  • listeners will be encouraged to speak out themselves.

Vox pops can help broadcasters produce better programs by:

  • giving broadcasters a taste of the range of opinion, and possibly the trending of opinion, on a particular topic.
  • stimulating listeners’ interest and preparing them for other material broadcasters have prepared on the same topic.
  • providing clips that broadcasters can use to help obtain responses from officials, experts, or groups of farmers.
  • exposing broadcasters to important minority points of view.
  • adding variety to a program.
  • helping listeners to understand that broadcasters want to know their opinions on important matters.

In this week’s resource, learn how to gather public comments and produce a vox pop.

Photo credit: Inoussa Maïga