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Grassroots women’s approaches to securing land rights

This report, supported by the UN Development Program and the government of Germany, presents grassroots women’s approaches to access justice with a focus on land and property rights in Africa. 

This community empowerment-based research was undertaken by the Huairou Commission and its partner groups across seven African countries—Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe—and showcases women’s rights challenges and effective strategies to improve women’s access to justice. 

The grassroots women’s groups highlighted in the report are making an impact and gaining increased recognition for their contributions to their communities through strategies such as community mapping, local-to-local dialogues, working with diverse stakeholders, and developing community watchdogs and training community paralegals. 

To access the report, go to: https://www.undp.org/publications/engendering-access-justice-grassroots-womens-approaches-securing-land-rights [1]

Photo: Ally Said and his wife Mariam Ezekiel walk home after a day in their field in Rudewa Mbuyuni location near Morogoro, Tanzania on May 27, 2014.