Fun (and important) potato facts at your fingertips

    | December 8, 2008

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    When the global price of food – especially meat and grains – skyrocketed earlier this year, many people were reminded of the value of potatoes and other tuber crops. These nutritious and simple-to-grow foods gained a new appreciation from the United Nations, which designated 2008 as International Year of the Potato, and from food security analysts who encouraged increased cultivation of potatoes. The Year of the Potato website ( provides a wide range of resources that may be of use if you wish to produce programs about potatoes.
    -This link provides information on how to grow potatoes, from selecting planting materials and preparing the soil, to fertilization and irrigation, to harvesting and storage:
    -From this link, you can navigate to fact sheets on topics such as potato biodiversity, potatoes and gender, and potato pests and diseases:
    -For potato recipes from around the world, go to: