Free online course helps journalists explain climate change

    | December 7, 2009

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    Covering Climate Change, a free online journalism course, is now available online, courtesy of Internews and News University. The course aims to give reporters and citizen journalists clear, accurate information about climate change and related global policy negotiations.

    The course includes approximately four hours of self-guided material. It was launched in advance of the COP15 climate change negotiations in Copenhagen, Denmark, which begin on December 7, when journalists around the world will be tasked with explaining the intricacies of climate science and policy.

    Here is a sample reporting tip from the course: “Never, ever forget that the climate change story is ultimately about people, so make sure to humanize your stories. Do not lose sight of the fact that first and foremost, climate change has the potential to cause a great deal of human conflict and suffering.”

    The Covering Climate Change course can be found online, here: