Free access: BBC opens up College of Journalism websites

    | July 21, 2014

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    The BBC College of Journalism’s international language websites focus on three key aspects of journalism practice that are particularly important in the regions of the world they serve: skills, language and values.

    The College of Journalism’s international language websites – which include French, Hausa and Swahili – cover the essential editorial skills that BBC World Service journalists use on a daily basis.

    They explore impartiality and accuracy in language, offering journalists around the world the opportunity to view the BBC’s in-house language style guides. They also explain the editorial values that underpin all of the BBC’s journalism.

    The sites address specific issues concerning the use of language, including: grammatical learning points, the development and expansion of language, new terminologies, taboo wording, the golden rules of newsroom translation, online language and, above all, mastering the use of impartial language.

    The College’s webpages will be free for anyone to use for at least one year, so make the most of their availability!

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