Forestry Toolkit from FAO

| June 13, 2016

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Our Farmer story from the DR Congo shows the important role trees play in a community. Trees can be a source of income, a source of shade for people or crops, and a windbreak to protect homes and fields. Trees can also prevent soil erosion and filter toxins from the air and soil.

Too often trees are cut down for food, for fuel, or as a source of income, without considering the consequences.

June 17 is the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought. As recent Barza Wire stories have shown, millions of small-scale farmers are feeling the effects of drought right now, as they harvest less than expected.

Trees are important for preventing desertification, as they improve the quality of the soil. They are also important for food security, as they provide food and improve the productivity of farms.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization’s Forestry Toolkit shares key information on the importance of trees, and provides great materials for your broadcast.

Photo: Locating the source of the Kumbe spring in Cameroon Credit: FAO Forestry flickr