Farm Radio Resource Pack 112 now available

| September 16, 2019

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We have just published Farm Radio Resource Pack 112. This Pack features 13 items—seven backgrounders, two interview scripts, one drama, and three Broadcaster how-to guides. As always, the Pack focuses on a range of farming, health, and training topics that respond to the needs of farm broadcasters and rural residents in many parts of Africa. To access the resources, go to:

The first seven items are backgrounders. Item 1 is a backgrounder on pest management in mango production, and includes information about the major pests (especially fruit flies), with specific information about how to manage them. Item 2 covers the details of transporting and marketing tomatoes. Item 3 is a backgrounder on animal health that focuses on two serious livestock diseases in cattle and chickens: mycoplasmosis and coccidiosis. It lists symptoms and describes practices for preventing and managing these two diseases.

Items 4 and 5 are about Irish potatoes, with the former covering production practices and the latter covering post-harvest practices.

Item 6 is a backgrounder about women and land rights, and provides a thorough general overview of the situation on the ground across sub-Saharan Africa. Item 7 is a backgrounder on STIs (sexually transmitted infections), and describes the main types of STIs and offers guidance on both prevention and treatment.

Item 8 is a drama on the benefits and challenges of implementing conservation agriculture practices that takes place in a small, fictional community in Ethiopia. Item 9 is a script from Senegal about the widespread problem of saline soil, and the measures farmers can take to combat it. Item 10 is an interview-based script on what it means to give consent in sexual relations.

Items 11 through 13 are Broadcaster how-to guides. Item 11 shows how broadcasters can convene panel discussions on the air by using the conference call feature on their phones. Item 12 focuses on forum theatre—a form of participatory theatre that involves the whole community in finding solutions to serious issues of all kinds. Item 13 covers how to produce a quiz program on your station. It discusses the different formats such a program can take, the kinds of questions you can ask, and the benefits of airing quiz programs.