Farm Radio Resource Pack #105

| February 13, 2017

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Farm Radio International (FRI) is pleased to announce the publication of our latest Resource Pack. Our broadcasting partners have received copies of the Resource Pack by email and, as always, everyone is welcome to access the website to read or download any or all items in the Pack.

Three of the Pack’s 14 items are broadcaster how-to guides, including How to plan and produce effective emergency response programming for farmersHow to be an effective host of a farmer radio program, and Jeu public (Public games).

The Pack contains eleven items on farming topics, including three Backgrounders: on soil fertility, soil erosion, and growing common bean.

Other topics covered in the Pack include:

  • Post-harvest activities in cowpea;
  • Raising quail for food and income;
  • Dealing with external parasites of chickens;
  • Intercropping cowpea and cereals;
  • Standards for producing fresh cassava;
  • Coping with drought and climate change by using conservation agriculture practices; and
  • Two items on growing common bean in Kenya and Uganda.

You can view or download the Pack at this address:

Photo credit: Jesse Winter