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FAQs on Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs)

The international NGO, CARE, has posted a list of 94 FAQs about VSLAs. 

Here, you can find answers to basic questions such as “What is a savings group?” and “What are the benefits of participating in a savings group?” as well as questions about forming a group and holding meetings such as “How do I form a savings group?” and “What is the procedure for issuing loans to members in the group meeting?”

You will also find questions on:

You can also find a reference to a facilitator’s guide on VSLAs, downloadable from: https://www.fsnnetwork.org/resource/village-savings-and-loans-association-facilitators-guide [1]

The FAQs are available at: https://www.fsnnetwork.org/resource/village-savings-and-loans-association-facilitators-guide [1]