E-learning course on reporting climate change and humanitarian emergencies

    | February 15, 2010

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    Reuters AlertNet offers an e-learning course designed to help journalists connect the dots between climate change and humanitarian emergencies. The course includes the following topics:

    -General themes: the science behind it, sourcing accurate statistics, and thinking about winners and losers.
    -Humanitarian angles: the implications of climate-related disasters; key questions to ask.
    -Climate and energy: the implications of growing energy demand from developing countries.

    Each module consists of a series of multiple-choice questions, followed by a brief explanation of the subject covered in the questions, and resources related to the subject. The entire course takes about 45 minutes to complete.

    The course can be found online at: http://www.alertnet.org/bin/flash/elearning/ClimateChange/ClimateChange.htm.