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CTA Practical Guides to agricultural practices

CTA has produced a series of practical guides on agricultural practices. These guidebooks will be of interest to many small-scale farmers. Topics include soil improvement, livestock rearing, food processing and storage, and others. Each guide is colourful and includes illustrations and easy-to-follow directions.

The guides are available in English, French, Portuguese, and Kiswahili. Below, we have provided links to electronic copies of the English guides. To find guides in other languages, and to find out how to order printed copies of the guides, visit: http://cta.esmarthosting.net/ [1].

1. Rearing dairy goats [2]
2. How to control Striga and stemborer in maize [3]
3. Rainwater harvesting for increased pasture production [4]
4. Improved practices in rearing indigenous chickens [5]
5. Making high-quality cassava flour [6]
6. Making sweet potato chips and flour [7]
7. Enriched compost for higher yields [8]
8. Preserving green leafy vegetables and fruits [9]
9. Make a living through fish farming [10]
10. Establishing a tree nursery [11]
11. Making banana chips and flour [12]
12. Processing tomatoes [13]
13. How to keep bees and process honey [14]
14. How to control the mango fruit fly [15]
15. Worm control in sheep [16]
16. Linking smallholder farmers to markets: (Please contact CTA for information on how to access this guide.)