Create your own podcast

    | June 21, 2010

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    Podcasts are becoming a more common and popular way to share news and talk radio pieces. Podcasts are audio files that can be uploaded to a web page. Listeners can then download them to individual PCs or laptops and transfer them to an MP3 player. They can then listen when, and how often, they want.

    Many radio stations around the world provide their programs online in the form of podcasts. Journalists can easily submit podcasts to radio stations. This opens up a lot of opportunities for creativity, both for journalists and on how to use and share the podcast.

    You might think that recording a podcast requires expensive equipment. This is not necessary, though good equipment will provide better quality sound. The basic equipment you need is an audio recorder, and audio editing software on a computer.

    The Citizen Journalist in Africa website has put together an e-module that will guide you through the basic steps in recording your own podcast.

    The e-module can be found online, here: