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CPJ programs to assist journalists in trouble

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) steps in when journalists are in dire situations because of being persecuted for their work. The CPJ’s Journalist Assistance program provides a combination of financial and non-financial assistance to help journalists.

Journalists in distress worldwide can receive emergency grants from the CPJ’s Gene Roberts Emergency Fund. The Journalist Assistance program also raises funds for journalists from external sources and collaborates with other freedom of expression organizations. When necessary, CPJ lobbies governments or international agencies to help secure refugee or asylum status for journalists.

Examples of CPJ’s work include:

For more information on the CPJ’s Journalist Assistance program, go to: https://cpj.org/campaigns/assistance/what-we-do.php [1]

Photo credit: Deutsche Welle

To request assistance from the CPJ, go to: https://cpj.org/campaigns/assistance/how-to-get-help.php [2]