Community Media for Development – Radio drama series

    | May 17, 2010

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    Community Media for Development (CMFD) has produced an audio drama series about various social issues. The production and development of each drama follows a participatory process as much as possible. This includes significant research on the topic, and consultation with key stakeholders and focus groups.

    When the issues are relevant to a variety of countries or regions, the dramas are produced in several languages. The scripts are not just translated; they are carefully adapted to the regional context and language.

    Through drama and engaging storylines, each series seeks to raise awareness on a particular issue. The issues include:
    -climate change, disaster risk reduction
    -migration, human trafficking
    -human rights, women and gender
    -children and youth

    The audio drama series can be found at: Community Media for Development (CMfD) welcomes African radio broadcasters to download and broadcast these materials without permission, if they are distributed free or at cost. CMfD insists that NGOs and UN agencies wishing to use their materials ask for permission in advance and provide the appropriate credit.