Climate change videos

| February 17, 2020

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The New Humanitarian has created a series of videos about the effects of climate change on farmers in Africa and Asia. As climate change worsens, farmers are affected more than others whose livelihoods do not rely so strongly on the environment.

The videos—between two and five minutes each—show how farmers have adapted or changed their practices to be successful despite these challenges.

One of the videos, “Harvesting rain in Kenya,” gives an example of a rainwater catchment system that replaces local rivers as a source of water for household use. Another, “Charcoal forests,” shows how decreased rainfall in Madagascar has forced farmers to begin practicing forestry. The practices are now so popular that the region is being deforested and rain is becoming even more infrequent.

Others are even more specific to farmers and their communities. “Creeping Deserts in Mauritania” tells how the expansion of the Sahara Desert threatens the well-being of herders. In an environment where everything is shared between people and their livestock and water used to be easy to find, the search for water is now constant.

Another, “Drip irrigation,” takes place in Senegal, where a farmer lost his groundnut crop due to lack of rain. By using drip irrigation, which applies water directly to the roots of his okra and cucumber crops, little to no water is wasted and he can once again produce a successful crop.

Other topics addressed by the videos include flooding, drought, sea level rise, and malaria.

The videos are available in English and can be accessed at: